A Child's Thoughts about God

little angel May 18, 2009

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“I’m looking out for you,”

said the little angel

and God is looking out for you too.

He will always be at your side.

When you tell me about God I listen.

That’s what the angel told me.


Aubrey Anne – age 8


3 Responses to “little angel”

  1. AA Says:

    Hi AA! I love your blog!! You really have a gift from God. You just keep listening and God will give you many things to write on your blog. This was very good-Anna and really liked it.

  2. Meridith Worden Says:

    This is just beautiful Aubrey Anne! What a talented poet you are. I love you favorite verses. I am going to go home and mark those in my own bible tonight when I get home. Hope to see you next year or at church.
    Love in Christ,
    Mrs. Worden

  3. I love this about the angel. God gave me an angel when I was a little boy and the angel is still with me. In the book of Hebrews it says what angels do for God and for us. Hebrews chapter 1: the last verse. Thank you for sharing your good poetry. I love you.

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